The Improv Geek Test
(apologies to the geek test)


I have:

performed in an improv marathon
practiced improv solo
performed solo improv before an audience
performed improv between midnight and 2AM
performed improv between 2AM and 9AM
started an improv rehearsal after 11PM
rehearsed in a space where you're not supposed to be
   over 10 times
searched my own name + "improv" on Google and found something
posted to an improvisation message board
posted to more than 3 improvisation message boards
engaged in a pissy improv-related fight on an improv message board
traveled out of state to go to an improv festival
performed at an improv festival
traveled out of state to perform at an improv festival
moved to a city in order to study or do improv there
seen or rehearsed improv 7 times in one week
performed improv 7 times in one week

I  have been:

on a house team at improv theater
on more than one house team
   at more than one improv theater
an improv show host or emcee
the kid who takes notes in improv class
a monkey in an improv scene
a member of a group that tried a dress code
at CIF
in a high school improv troupe
paid to perform short form
in a group or show with an improv pun in its title
hurt or injured while improvising

  I have:

attended a new year's party at an improv theater
performed improv on new year's eve
introduced several people to improv
improvised in a tournament
   and won
quoted Del Close or Keith Johnstone in conversation or debate
gone to watch improv alone
raised money to produce an improv show
owned an improv related t-shirt
performed after drinking

  I have read:

Truth in Comedy
An improv book by yet another author
a comic book drawn by an improviser, or that promotes an improv show
humor publications by improvisers
things just to fill my mind with ideas before a show
just to improve my general knowledge so that I can improvise better

  I believe:

I will be discovered as an improviser and given a TV or film career
I will have my own improv theater someday

the rules of improv hold wisdom for life
improv could solve many of the world's problems
improv is one of the highest art forms there is
improv doesn't get the respect it deserves
the majority of improv groups in this great land suck

  I have seen:

videotapes of Del Close
videotapes of shows I have been in
videotapes of shows I haven't been in
movies or TV shows solely in order to dissect them for improv purposes
a show with more people on stage than in the audience

 I want to be (or have been):

a team member
a practice group member
a team founder
a practice group founder
an improv teacher
an improv guru
an improv coach
a film star
a TV star
a professional improviser
an intern
an improv tech person

I like to:

mime things
    even when I'm alone
do accents
    even when I'm alone
go out with improvisers after a show and have improv discussions late into the night
play out improv scenes in my head

  I have:

read the liner notes to a Nichols & May album
provided the opening music CD for my team
improvised while driving
been referred to as my improv message board nickname
made out with another improviser
   in a scene
married an improviser
rehearsed three times in one day

(Only check as many boxes as you've had classes or workshops)
taken this many improv classes  (eight-week sessions)
taught this many improv classes (eight-week sessions)
taken this many one-day improv workshops
taught this many one-day improv workshops

taken two improv classes at once (multi-week)
taken three improv classes at once (multi-week)
traveled out of state to teach an improv class or workshop
traveled internationally to teach an improv class or workshop
traveled internationally to perform improv
created a longform
   and produced it as a show
   and brought it to other cities
had promo postcards made
made my own promo postcards
created a web page or site about an improv show or group
produced an improv festival
started an improv theater
helped start an improv theater
participated in a independent group (unaffiliated to any theater)
started an independent group
started multiple independent groups

taught in this many cities
coached this many different practice groups or teams
been a member of this many performance groups
been to this many festivals or marathons

written essays on improvisation
performed short form
yes-anded people in real life on purpose in order to see what happens
taught a non improviser about yes-anding
caught myself smiling upon remembering a good scene
performed or rehearsed outdoors
created an improv variety show independent of any particular improv theater

  I know:

the names of 3 members of Jazz Freddy
Elaine May's real name
Mike Nichols' real name
the name of Keith Johnstone's theater in Calgary
the names of all three authors of Truth in Comedy 
what pimping is
that shortform taught me valuable lessons in my youth, but I have since moved on
the names of 100 improvisers
the names of 10 improv theaters
the names of 10 improv festivals
what a revolving door scene is




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