What the world thinks about SITCOM

Some of our favorite sound bites ...


"SITCOM is the best longform in Chicago."
Curt Columbus,
Steppenwolf Theater director, Chicago

"All Sitcom Boston members are blessed with fine timing. In addition, they are bright, witty, quick to retort, and most importantly, quick to share. it is an impressive collection of young talent ... The opportunity to watch comedic brainwaves whip about the room in nearly palpable fashion is quite exciting."
Gina Perille
Bay Windows, Dec 10, 1998



"Boston has a variety of good improvisational shows, but SITCOM is the most elaborate, elegant, and hence the most richly satisfying."
Chris Harding,
Massachusetts Public Radio Critic, July 8, 1999

" ... beyond all these treats is the sheer postmodern generosity of SITCOM being a new TV show, tailored just for you, everytime you see it. We all had dreams like this as children. "
Jacqui Bootes,



"A terrific venture in longform improvisation."
Professor Kris Hammond,
University of Chicago

"Goldstein and Bourdeaux follow the lead of such influential comedians as Mike Nichols, Elaine May, and Paul Sills."
Carmen Marti,
The Chronicle


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