Step Right Up Productions Presents

From the creators of SITCOM
and Commedia dell'High School


An all-improvised comedy about life on the Mississippi in the 1870s

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Riverboat Lawyer: The Show

Riverboat Lawyer is a theatrical first: an all-improvised historical comedy series! In the 1870s , life on the Mississippi River was oftentimes unfair. Fortunately, there was J. D. Law, Riverboat Lawyer, who traveled from town to town on the steamboat Habeas Corpus, bringing justice to all. Learn all about our greatest River with our own Riverboat Lawyer Fun Page and Theme Song.

Riverboat Lawyer: The Cast

The historically-sound cast features Megan Biddinger, John Bourdeaux, Dan Goldstein, Ben Lorch, Colleen McHugh, John McCorry, and Dennis O'Brien These performers have appeared on stages such as the Victory Gardens Theater, Court Theatre, Organic Theater, the Free Associates, ImprovOlympic, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Sheila Comedy group, and the University of Chicago.

Riverboat Lawyer: The Roots

The idea of a riverboat lawyer came from Steve Mitchell. Riverboat Lawyer is produced by Step Right Up Productions and the creative team that brought you SITCOM and Commedia dell'High School, so it embraces some ideas of structured improvisation. Another inspiration is The (Re)view , developed by Dennis O'Brien and Dan Goldstein. In The (Re)View, characters for the evening's performance are drawn randomly from newspaper theater reviews of real plays. In the end, all drama merges into one -- and a Riverboat Lawyer runs through it.

Riverboat Lawyer: The Research

Riverboat Lawyer is based on extensive research of the history, geography and language of the Mississippi River region in the 1870s. We may be the only improv show to boast a project historian: Sean Foley. Each show, a real 19th century river town will be drawn by the audience and will serve as the location for the episode.

Riverboat Lawyer: The Future

Riverboat Lawyer is performed in Chicago. Watch for it. Sign up on the mailing list below to be appraised of riverboat auditions, riverboat openings and other riverboat news.

Riverboat Lawyer: Say Hi to Dan!

Email me to say "Hi Dan" or to put in your own ideas for Riverboat Lawyer. It would be cool if you did!

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